Contract Software Development


Software Application Areas:          Databases, inter-process communication, asynchronous programming, multi-threaded communications, serial communications, industrial protocols
Graphics, CAD, and run-time data structures (CAD), including complex output to streams
Automation/trouble-shooting of manufacturing processes
Graphical User Interfaces

Operating Systems:                       .NET

Programming Languages:               Very current: C#
Less Current: C++

Software Tools & Applications:     Very current: .NET, Windows Forms, ADO.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, XML
Some experience: ASP.NET, Excel programming,
Less current: Rogue-Wave (C++ Class Library), STL

Certifications:                                Licensed Professional Engineer
Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD covering C#, SQL, XML)
Microsoft Certified Professional (MFC)
CFPIM (MRP/ERP Certification)

Business Models

Hourly Rate:     Less than 200 hours: 150 $/hour
More than 200 hours: 90 - 130 $/hour as negotiated

We can work at your location or we use our own facilities to further reduce your costs.

Fixed cost:       K6 can bid software projects as fixed cost.  Naturally, such work requires very detailed specifications, but it is an opportunity for the customer to limit risk and establish competitive comparisons.

Resume & References

..are available upon request